In the city

In the city

Our products are part of your daily life. They take you to work, collect your rubbish and keep lights shining. Volvo Group is developing tomorrow’s public transport solutions so that you can get to work or to school quickly and easily.

Our construction equipment is used to build housing, industrial and sports facilities, and the Group’s vehicles help keep public areas clean by transporting millions of tonnes of refuse from cities around the world every week. Reliable electrical generators ensure that the power is running when you visit a hospital.

Volvo Group is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial engines. We contribute to our customers’ profitability by offering assistance with financing as well as favourable service agreements.

Bronze colored Volvo Group truck waiting at a crosswalk for a person with a dog on a leash to cross it

Trucks in the city

The various types of trucks we offer contribute to the efficient functioning of city life. Our small delivery trucks easily distribute products to stores. We also have specially built trucks for refuse collection or snow clearance, along with trucks that can handle quick dispatch in the event of a fire.

We invest strongly in the development of vehicles that run on alternative fuels, including hybrid and electric vehicles, with the aim of improving the city environment.

With six truck brands – Volvo, UD, Renault Trucks, Mack, Eicher and Dongfeng Trucks – the Group has a presence in most of the world’s large and small cities.

Trucks in the city

Pearl white Volvo Group bus going towards Lindholmen Science Park on a road surrounded by outdoor restaurant seatings

Buses in the city

You need high quality public transport to get to and from work or school. Buses are the most common form of public transport in the world today. As the world’s cities continue to expand rapidly, the demand for public transport is also increasing.

We collaborate with decision-makers in cities around the world through our City Mobility programme to develop public transport solutions that are cleaner, quieter and more efficient. We have contracts with several cities in Europe for the delivery of our new electric hybrid. We collaborate with cities in South America on BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) systems, and have initiated a pilot project in Gothenburg for buses that run solely on electricity.

We have four bus and coach brands: Volvo, UD Bus, Prevost and Nova Bus.

Buses in the city

Yellow Volvo Group excavator digging at a road work site

Construction equipment in the city

Our construction equipment and our three brands, Volvo, Terex Trucks and SDLG, contribute to the growth and development of cities. Our equipment is used in the construction of housing, sports centres and industrial facilities. Whether a project involves constructing a park, clearing land for a car park or building a new bridge or roundabout, we have machines specially designed for the job.

Our industrial equipment is also used in many airports around the world. One example is Arlanda Airport near Stockholm, where our purpose-built dumpers clear snow from runways in less than ten minutes.

Construction equipment in the city

Two Volvo Group workers conversing at a Volvo construction site

Industrial engines in the city

If a power failure were to occur in a hospital, it would be a catastrophe. To prevent this, hospitals must have reliable generator units. Year after year, our engines deliver power to hospitals, research stations, remote industrial sites, and other functions critical to society. Our gensets also power things like Formula 1 racing and the FIFA World Cup. Our engines are also used in harbours, primarily for powering cranes and other port machinery like terminal tractors.

Industrial engines in the city

News around the world

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