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? The Volvo Group’s products are sold and distributed through wholly-owned and independent dealerships.

? More than 800,000 Volvo Group vehicles are connected via different telematics solutions.

? During 2018, our service business represented approximately 20% (21) of the Volvo Group’s net sales.

? Financial Services provided financing solutions for 24% of Group products in the markets where financing is offered.

? 90% of all distribution centers are certified with ISO?14001.

? Environmental product information, based on life-cycle assessment, are available for our products.

? Through our Responsible Sales Process we have performed 105?assessments for sales to high risk countries.

Our people are our biggest asset

Our people are our biggest asset

All successful organizations have one thing in common – skilled and engaged people. And in a world where talent is scarce, it becomes ever more important for the Volvo Group to successfully attract, retain and develop the right people and to shape a culture that drives engagement and thus performance.

Good demand in many markets

Since the streamlining towards commercial vehicles was initiated more than twenty years ago, the?Volvo Group has?grown into the world’s second largest manufacturer of?heavy-duty trucks and?one of the largest manufacturers of?buses, coaches and construction equipment and is today also a?leading manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engines and marine and industrial engines. In 2018, demand continued to be on?good levels in many markets around the world.

Our locations at a glance
Volvo Group Europe


In the truck sector it is primarily the Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks brands that dominate the market. The biggest markets are France, Britain, Germany, Sweden and Russia.
We produce trucks, buses, construction equipment and engines at 20 facilities in Europe. Primarily in Sweden, Belgium and France, but we also have a large production operation in Poland, for instance.

Volvo Group Belgium

Volvo Group France?Vénissieux Engine Plant

Volvo Group Netherlands

Volvo Group Poland

Volvo Group Sweden

Volvo Group UK & Ireland

Volvo Group Russia

Financial figures - Europe, 2018

  • Net sales: SEK 160,591 M (141,597)
  • Share of net sales: 41% (43)
  • Number of regular employees: 49,694 (47,561)
  • Share of Group regular employees: 54% (55)
  • Registrations of heavy-duty trucks in Europe 30 continued to be high, increasing by 4% compared to 2017.
  • Volvo Trucks’ market share of 15.9% was somewhat lower than the?historically high level of 16.8% in 2017. Renault?Trucks regained some market share to 8.9% (8.6).
  • The construction equipment market grew by 13%, driven by strong growth in?Russia and growth in Germany, the UK, France and Italy.
Africa & Oceania

Africa & Oceania

The largest markets in this area are Australia, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco and New Zealand.

In Australia we build both our truck brands Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks. Production takes place in the same factory in Brisbane.

In South Africa our Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks models are assembled in a joint factory in Durban. In addition, we produce UD Trucks models in Pretoria.

Volvo Group Wacol Site

Financial figures - Africa & Oceania, 2018

  • Net sales: 25,182 M (21,391)
  • Share of net sales: 6% (7)
  • Number of regular employees: 2,474 (2,361)
  • Share of Group regular employees: 3% (3)
  • Demand for trucks in Australia was very strong.
  • The heavy-duty truck market in South Africa increased by some 6% to 20,000 units, while demand in northern Africa continued to be weak.
  • Overall, demand for construction equipment in countries with large mining exposure was on good levels.
Volvo Group Asia


We have nine production plants in Asia.

In India production is located mainly in Bangalore, where we build buses, trucks and construction equipment. In addition, we build trucks in a joint venture with Eicher in the Indian city of Pithampur.

In China we build buses, engines and construction equipment in Shanghai. We also have two joint ventures in China – with truck maker Dongfeng Trucks and with SDLG, which produces construction equipment.

Volvo Construction Equipment has a production plant in Changwon, South Korea, while a factory in Ageo, Japan, produces trucks under the UD Trucks brand as well as engines and transmissions.
The biggest markets are Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia?and India.

Volvo Group China

Volvo Group India?Volvo Group Hosakote site

Financial figures - Asia, 2018

  • Net sales: SEK 76,976 M (68,511)
  • Share of net sales: 20% (20)
  • Number of regular employees: 16,888 (16,526)
  • Share of Group regular employees: 18% (19)
  • The Chinese market for construction equipment grew by 33%, with continued positive development in large excavators, compact excavators and wheel loaders.
  • Out of the Group’s main truck markets in Asia, both the Japanese as well as the Chinese and the Indian heavy-duty truck market increased compared to 2017.
North America

North America

The big brands for our trucks in North America are Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks, while for buses it is Volvo Buses, Prevost and Nova Bus.

We have production facilities at ten sites. In the USA we build trucks, engines, construction equipment and buses. The production plants are mainly found on the east coast such as at New River Valley and Hagerstown. In Canada and Mexico we build buses.

Volvo Group North America??Volvo Group Hagerstown Site

Financial figures - North America, 2018

  • Net sales: SEK 106,948 M (83,998)
  • Share of net sales: 28% (25)
  • Number of regular employees: 17,845 (15,882)
  • Share of Group regular employees: 19% (18)
  • The heavy-duty truck market increased by 27% compared to 2017.
  • Volvo Trucks regained market share while Mack lost some share. Volvo Trucks came in on 10.3% (8.3) and Mack on 6.7% (7.3).
  • Continued success for the Group’s captive engines and gearboxes contributed to a positive development in the service business.
  • The construction equipment market grew, mainly due to increased demand for excavators, articulated haulers, large wheel loaders and road machinery products.
South America

South America

Our largest markets in South America are Brazil following by Peru, Chile and Argentina. Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks are the dominant truck brands.

With industrial operations in Brazil since 1977, we have two plants in the country. In?Curitiba?we build trucks, bus chassis, cabs, engines and transmissions. In addition, we produce construction equipment in Pederneiras.

Volvo Group Brazil

Volvo Group Peru

Volvo Group Mexico

Financial figures - South America, 2018

  • Net sales: SEK 21,138 M (17,241)
  • Share of net sales: 5% (5)
  • Number of regular employees: 5,228 (4,774)
  • Share of Group regular employees: 6% (5)
  • Demand in the important Brazilian truck market increased strongly, with an increase of 67% for heavy-duty trucks.
  • Demand in other South American markets was on good levels.
  • The South American construction equipment market increased by 24% from very low levels, mainly driven by growth in Brazil.
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Without the type of products and services the Volvo Group provides, the societies in which many of us live would not function. Like a circulatory system, our trucks, buses, engines, construction equipment and financial services are involved in many of the functions that most of us rely on every day.

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Our values

Our company culture is how we interact with each other, with our customers and with society as a whole, to achieve our business objectives. It is rooted in our history and is critical to our company’s long term success. It is the foundation on which everything else is built.

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